Friday, 1 May 2009

dFp track released on Phylum Sinter's new album "From Unity To Segmentation"

All new Dirty Fire Project remix of "Beside You Through The Wires" available on Phylum Sinter's album "From Unity To Segmentation", out now on n5MD/Enpeg.

From Enpeg's site...

"Phylum Sinter's newest release "from unity to segmentation" was brought to us here at n5MD/Enpeg via our friends at the Xynthetic Label. After hearing it we jumped at the chance to release such a great record. Imagining Lunatic Harness era ยต-ziq juxtaposed against the beatbending and padwork of label-mate Proem would not be such a stretch. We're even hearing some early Funckarma reflections behind all of it as well. Some very well written and executed IDM from this rising talent from Detroit."


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