Wednesday 25 January 2012

Dirty Fire Project track "Aurora Null" appearing on Subspec's debut compilation

From their site

"Subspec will be a digital music label focusing on DJ-oriented, beat-driven electronic music... in a nutshell we intend to focus on Techno, Breaks, and Electro and various subgenres of each.[snip]Subspec is a new label collaboration between Rob Galbraith (Component Records) and Josh Garrett (Xynthetic Music / Netlabel)."

I am proud to announce that a new Dirty Fire Project track called "Aurora Null" has been selected to be part of Subspec's debut compilation.
You can hear the label demo at their soundcloud on Due to a slight mix up, this currently includes a draft version of another new Dirty Fire Project track called "After The Fire". This still needs some work on it but I hope you like how it's sounding so far :)

Subspec web:

Edit: Their label demo soundcloud no longer exists. You can find Aurora Null on dFp's Soundcloud.