Wednesday 29 May 2013

Monday 4 March 2013


New dFp track (well, sort of, I made it last year) - Elsewhere, available now on Soundcloud

October and everything after

One of the annoying things about writing music by yourself is that sometimes, you miss a mark so widely that what you make isn't fit for purpose. Sadly this is what happened with the Subspec release I was working on in October and a remix I was doing in November.

For the Subspec thing, it just wasn't sitting with the other tracks, and frankly I had to go and look up what "groove-driven DJ-friendly Techno" actually meant before conceding the point.

As for the remix, personally I thought it rocked but was let down by the quality of the vocal stems provided by SPC:ECO. No feedback was received about what I submitted and when I finally heard the full, original track, I realised I didn't actually like the arrangement.

Such is life.

Well, on to better things. I need to be fighting slightly less space battles and pick up the music thing again since I have dragged my studio stuff down to my new place finally.

Meantime I will put the Subspec track up on soundcloud (I'm hungover, I might have done this already) and re-task the remix stuff as I was careful to only use the vocal stems, nothing else. Heh, I suppose I could cover it with another female vocalist. Apply within :)