Thursday 17 December 2009

Breaking The Robot EP Released!

XSN037 - Dirty Fire Project - Breaking the Robot

Xynthetic have just released dFp's new EP "Breaking The Robot" (see below.) It's been a long time coming and Mouse promises that he won't take so long next time :)

Mouse is taking a short break over Christmas after which he will be working on new material for another EP. Some ideas already down for this... watch this space. You can keep track of progress by looking out for Dirty Fire Project bulletins on MySpace, or by following the development blog on (RSS available)

Dirty Fire Project's new EP "Breaking The Robot" is available as a free digital download from Xynthetic Records.

Dirty Fire Project
XSN037: Breaking The Robot EP

From Xynthetic... "dFp returns to Xynthetic Netlabel with a new EP in the unique dFp style. This latest EP 'Breaking the Robot' mixes straight-ahead Techno with classic IDM, Industrial overtones and driving beats. This is a solid follow up to the popular 'Too Many Teeth' EP."

The EP features six tracks, running 31 mins.:
  1. The Chain 
  2. Link 
  3. Toxic 
  4. Genk 
  5. Make Me 
  6. Breaking The Robot 
(photo by Diana Danzo)


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