Monday 14 July 2008

Electric Dust Club night

Well done to DJ EbonyFae for hosting the first Electric Dust club night at the Purple Turtle in Camden Town last night. Timing couldn't have been better, after catching up with a friend from waaaay back I walked into the Turtle just as "Never Been To Tokyo" was playing :D The rest of the night was filled with glow spinners, dark electronic and industrial, some both quirky and great choices from all over the spectrum. There was also a burlesque show (though personally it didn't look that burlesque to me) and Nitrocide played a wicked set. I caught up with him later on and with any luck we'll bump into each other at Glade next week for some muddy mayhem :)

Top night, congrats and I hope that it's the beginning of a nice, regular event :D


Edit: We did bump into each other at Glade. He's a dude :)

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